Annual Dues Increase

At the September Membership meeting and motion was approved to increase the annual dues as follows:

  • Regular dues – from $60 to $80
  • Auxiliary – from $45 to $60
  • Life – from $10 to $25

*Singers still pay dues at 50% of listed dues if they meet the requirements.

This increase was made necessary because of escalation in nearly every expense category since the last increase years ago. (Food, liquor, beer, insurance, electricity, gas, etc.) We’re all aware of the effects of these increases on our own budgets. The Teutonia is no different. But with the help of our 2,600 person membership each paying less than $2 a month more (less than the price of one draft Warsteiner per month) our Club will survive for many years to come.

Now, before I get buried by letters, emails and phone calls — we are also aggressively looking at ways to cut our expenses. We are checking line-by-line at places where we can cut, improve, and upgrade so that when you visit , you’ll see a noticeable difference and feel good about the future of our beloved Club.

**Some things of note lately: We’ve added some new events (Hühnerflügel und Bier / Chicken Wings and Beer, the Radler / Bike ride in August.) and made some improvements (new Tap system upstairs and in the Ratskeller).

The improvements are ongoing and we need your help. If you have comments or suggestions for improvements, or events that you’d like to see, please bring them to the Board’s attention, or let Chrissie know and she’ll get it to the Board. I’m confident that, with your support. The Teutonia Männerchor will be around for a long time and will continue to get better every year.

Thank you for your support,
Chris Jordheim

  1. Dick Scherer

    The Regular membership increases 33%, the Auxillary 44% and the Seniors 150%. That’s equitable???

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